Rustika bed & breakfast


This regulation has been expressly accepted by all passengers and guests of our facility, who have declared to know it in accordance with the provisions of Article 3 letter B of Law No. 19.496 on Protection of Consumer Rights, and contains the basic rules of behavior and coexistence within Rustika Bed & Breakfast.

Policies and Basic Rules Rustika Bed & Breakfast


Check In: 15:30 to 23:00 hours.
Check Out: 08:30 to 11:30 hours.

*All reservations include breakfast and parking inside the hotel.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If you make your cancellation 5 days before your Check In date you will be able to opt for a 100% refund of the total amount or reschedule.
  • If you cancel within 5 days of your Check In date, you will not be entitled to any refund. Neither rescheduling.
  • In case the client reserves with less than 5 days in advance, the cancellation of the reservation will not be entitled to a refund under any terms.

** The rescheduling has a time limit of 2 weeks and can only be done once. Subject to availability and may be charged an additional fee if the date of the new reservation corresponds to a weekend or holiday.

No Show
In case the client does not show up at the hotel, the client will have to cancel the total amount of the reservation.

Cancellation within the stay
In the event that the client wishes to check out before the end date of his stay, he must cancel the total amount of his stay and will not be reimbursed for the remaining days under any terms.

General Terms and Conditions

The client must cancel in advance 50% of the total amount immediately after making the reservation or by charging this amount to a credit/debit card, leaving the reservation in confirmed status.

  • Late Check Out: In case the guest vacates the room after 12:00 noon on Check Out day, a charge will be applied as appropriate:
  • In case the client leaves the room until 13:00 hours, he/she will have to pay additionally 50% of the value of the day of lodging.
  • If the client leaves the room after 14:00 hours, he/she will have to pay an additional full day’s stay.
* This concept will be subject to Hotel disponibility.
  • Early Check In: This concept will be subject to Hotel availability.
  • Any damage, damage or theft in the rooms or facilities of the establishment, will be charged directly at the time of Check Out to the corresponding credit/debit card.
  • All rooms (except room Embalses) of the establishment have a maximum income of 2 people, in the case of exceeding, children under 2 years are allowed access to the room at no cost. Over 2 years old must pay the full extra fee of $20.000 Chilean Pesos. At the time of Check In, please present your ID card or ID.
  • Pets are not admitted in the hotel.
  • The rooms of the establishment are defined as NO SMOKING, so it is strictly forbidden to perform this action within the rooms and enclosed spaces of the hotel. There are designated areas (open spaces) to do so.
  • Alcoholic beverages and food are not allowed in the rooms of the establishment.